Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for ل الدخان
I'm VERY satisfied with this pipe! It's a high quality, excellent design with excellent workmanship. I'm enjoying a smoke with it right now. Thanks for the five-star service! All the best, Greg
looks sick - exactly like in the picture, comfortable, has mini vending holes on the top and the bottom for good air flow while you smoke which give an incredible boost. has a really small diameter so you better roll them tight on the end. excellent product keep it up!
The crusher is really good quality. It is heavy, which is nice and works perfect! It also had nice little compartments to store, safe and crind the weed. Really happy about the product
I am very satisfied with this long stem churcwarden style... arrived today... need little customized and now I am using this long stem in my E-pipe 618 and here the result... the longest E-pipe I have :D Thank you Ade Markus