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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for لعبة آه
Love it so much The packaging is nice & the quality is good. Received the items in a few days only. ✨ Kindly recommend this. It's a reasonable and trusty shop.
This costume took a while to get here, but once I got it, I really liked it! The first thing I noticed was that it came with HUGE hoop for the skirt. I believe my hoop got damaged in the mail, so I ended up removing it from the skirt because I didn’t really like how it looked anyway. I really like the rest of the costume as a whole! It is very cute and the sizing was accurate. :) Glad I purchased this from this store!
Some parts could be better sewed, like the ears and the little golden heart. The dress comes with a "round metal thing" I think, that makes it look stuffed (a little too much in my opinion). The gloves are too small, I'll have to buy new ones. I'll have to make some adjustments, but it's good overall.