Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for ألعاب الفئران
Very cute little mouse, i liked the details on the car and the shipping was really fast. Haven't tried it yet though. You should definitely indulge. I recommend dealing with this seller.
This product is definetly worth 5 stars, the only reason I put 4 stars for product description is because it does not have 10 programmable buttons, but not is it a nice gaming mouse. First off it was shipped quickly and packaged very well. In a box wrapped in bubble wrap and then wrapped in an envelope. Pro's 1. good looking mouse, many color options. however you do have to download the software from the included disk to customize them. 2. You do NOT have to download anything to get this mouse working. I plugged it in and it works. 3. Nice long threaded chord. it is sturdy, and there's a bendy plastic cover on each end to help prevent fraying. I love it. 4. Nice size and adjustable weight. 5. Durable. Handles my gamer rage. Cons 1. Not 10 buttons (wouldn't use it for warcraft or hotkey intensive games Overall I really like this mouse. works as well as some 70+ dollar mouse's I've had but with less buttons. Worth the money for MOBAs and casual gaming. A+