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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for gel pen
While I am wholly satisfied with the product, I am not satisfied with the seller. After the order had switched from awaiting shipment to awaiting delivery, the parcel did end up staying on 'waiting for pick-up' for days on end and ending up being cancelled after that. After I noticed the cancellation, I wrote to the seller, asking them what happened. While I understand the seller can not be held accountable for problems with the logistics company (for failing to pick up the parcel in a timely manner), the part, where they offered to re-send the order, IF I STILL NEED IT, was the part that made me upset. I would not have ordered the item, if I did not need it, and I had already paid for the items (Aliexpress always first collects the payment for an order before the order even gets processed by the seller), so why would I NOT want the product?