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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for goldenfir ssd free
Directly installed to an old Notebook I have. Now the computer works like new! It boots very fast, and the I/o operations feel fast enough to make me happy through opening files and binaries. Now, as SSD have a limit of I/o operations, I will have to see how it will behave in the future to give a more objective rating. But as is a very economical product, I'm totally happy how it's working right now. Also the product arrived very fast (less than a month) and in good conditions. it could be amazing if this economical SSDs exist in bigger sizes.
As described. Very fast shipping. Overall I'm very satisfied with this seller. It is working fine in My Lenovo T430, but remain undetected in my Dell Latitude e6230. It is Dell's fault, not the SSD fault I think. I will give you additional feedback along with test result (CrystalDisk Mark) later.