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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for gpd xd
it fits good but the holes for the grip rubbers on the button of the device and such didn't seem to Match with the device perfectly but the holes for the buttons and such were all perfect and the sticker won't rip that easy because it's like a thicker type of sticker. Overall great product!
The replacement parts were dispatched quickly but didn't arrive for a long time - that is not the sellers fault though, that's just international shipping. Sadly I couldn't tell if the parts worked or not as I dropped and smashed the GPD just after installing the replacements. Oh well..
actually it arrived before the gpd console itself, therefore i dont know if it fits the gpdwin2 or not its nice but bland , no colours & has some loose threads. overall good product but there are better quality products out there
Everything is fantastic. They even deliver a screen protector too. However, one thing messed up 5-star rate. The problem is X button. Sometimes it’s stuck, when I continuously press it. Like, when I jump many times in game, this button goes down and remains in the same position as it’s being pressed. Nevertheless, it’s not a big problem, at least character doesn’t jump automatically, so I’m kind of satisfied. P.S. I heard that someone got the same problem, but with his d-pad button. It’s also stuck, but at least character wasn’t moving automatically. So be careful!