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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for طاحونة
shipped to America in three weeks, product as described, the 4 grinders they show are not the only designs, both ones I got were designs that were not in the pictures
gr8 guys the border screwed up the first order coming out of china n he did everything he could even sent me presents worth as much as i ordered just to mk it up n it wasn't even their fault i like honour n respect to ur costomers. n not once talking bk n fouth did he ever not anmswer it was a great way to shop n gr8 place to shop from veryu nice people n helpful in this store.
The item came well packed in a box and bubble papper BUT anyways it came with several little harms in the middle seccion ( bumps in the metal and the paint). The grid is quite wide so you can get a lot of medium low quality kief, and I think that the metal piece at the center of the grid is gonna steal a good amount. anyway good product for the price.