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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for guanya jewelry box
Exquisite jewellery box. Love it. Very specious, high quality, sewn with care and attention to details. Very happy with my purchase. I have just one advice for the seller: when shipping internationally, PLEASE wrap the box in a thicker coat of bubble wrap. As you can see from the last picture, my parcell sustained a heavy blow that could have been damaging for the box, but luckly it was not (although a small mellow dent can be felt at hand on the sponge of the box). Recommend! These make excellent gifts as well. Seller was kind and included a cute hairband gift as well.
The seller is very cooperative, when my shipment arrived the box’s glass was broken, but after I contacted the seller they sent me another box and arrived safely. They really need to work on the packaging. Good product looks nice.
This is the second time I order these boxes, and they are very good. However, the shipping was extremely slow. The buyer protection runs out before they arrive, and the order auto-completes. I was worried and had to open a dispute. eventually, the order arrived, and I canceled it.