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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for hdmi raspberry pi screen
The parcel arrived only 8 days. Packaging is highly secured with 9 layers of air bubble cushion wrap. The paper box inside is safe without any scratches. This is the best packaging I've ever received. I tested multi-touch of the screen with Windows 10, it works perfectly with 10 point touches at resolution 1080p. No driver is required. The quality of this touch screen is great. Thanks a lot to the seller.
Works well. Odd that the pin1 indicator seems to be on the wrong side of the connector, but even after plugging the controller in wrong, then correcting it, it still worked just fine. Packaged well and shipped quickly, thanks!
Item was shipped and arrived fast. Shipping box was banged up the the item was well insulated and arrived flawless. Instructions provided on the CD were clear and installation was a breeze.
Very fast response and accurate shipment. We had a big problem (delay + expense) clearing goods through customs because of insufficient details on invoice but I'm not sure how much that is the seller's fault or just a customs issue. For commercial shipments it might pay to check a copy of invoice in advance of shipment. For their part though the seller + product were fine, shipped out on the same day we placed the order.