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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for instrument moxibustion
Not bad. The pox print on the face is lighter and the skin is fine. The overall effect is quite satisfactory. I've come back to buy five cold gels again. I hope that the instrument is used, and the effect is better.
function. This is my first beauty instrument, it doesn't feel much after the first use, but after the second time, I feel the skin is' swelling ', because there is not a special time before. Pay attention to yourself, feel that your skin is still possible, but one day the sudden sense of the decree is particularly obvious, in fact, I am 30 years old, not to complement what collagen, feel the collagen this year, especially the loss, so it is after the entanglement of this, hope that I will be able to adhere to, and youth standing later. ! By the way, the gel is also very good, and there will be a special person to teach how to use after buying the instrument, and the use of techniques, and if there is a skin care problem can help solve, especially good!
Good seller. Good Product. Good packaging (bubble bag + original paper box ). Received in 56 calendar days after purchase (ePacket). Promised time for posting: 7 days. Really spent time to post: 1 (very fast).