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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for keyboard
This product complies with the description, photos and videos. The seller has fulfilled this order is very good. The item I liked. I wish him good health and his family, and to all who read this review. See you next time!
The LEDs on this board are nice for backlight. Unfortunately they aren't really visible in my wooden case. The QMK firmware to flash this board is well documented. It is a breeze to flash the board on Linux. With 32 fully programmable layers you will sure have enough.
Good product and well designed. Driver of product is just fine and you can customize whatever keyboard buttons or even combination of shortcuts, assign to it. Just a thing that I’m not comfortable with it, it’s get sometimes to remember all the buttons and work easily with it while that you can have your hand on your keyboard beside your tablet and do whatever you done before without any struggle. If I gonna buy it again I would think it twice.
Very nice! Fast shipping only two weeks. Case feels really solid for the price you are paying. Came with the raised rubber legs and some lower that you can glue on