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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for لوحة المفاتيح
The LEDs on this board are nice for backlight. Unfortunately they aren't really visible in my wooden case. The QMK firmware to flash this board is well documented. It is a breeze to flash the board on Linux. With 32 fully programmable layers you will sure have enough.
Received 110 Kailh Pinks and delivered within the given time frame as described, this comes with an o-style key puller if you need to remove keycaps! (May not apply for lower switch quantities) If you desperately need a linear keyswitch you can always grab a spare Kailh pink and remove the click bar inside of it.
Very nice! Fast shipping only two weeks. Case feels really solid for the price you are paying. Came with the raised rubber legs and some lower that you can glue on
Definitely worth the money, the keyboard is excellent, the lightning software is great as well. I recommend the keyboard to anyone interested in mechanical keyboards. The seller is communicative and helpful, couldn't be more happy. I hope he sells many more keyboards of this quality!
The product is really good and well built, got some minor issues with the software. I had to pay 28 euros of vat! Anyway it arrived in my country in 8 days and arrived to my house in 27 days.