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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for كيت
My second time purchasing these brushes. They are excellent for painting small details! They are my favorite brushes for painting nail tips on my reborn baby dolls! Shipping took about 3 months but, for the price and functionality it's worth the wait.
Order 23_5 shipped 25_5 today 11_5 came in the mailbox. Nothing broken or damaged. Only the rubber keeps on falling out if i use 1 side. But i have to take out anyway to see were to stamp. Too bad there is no cap. Product is good. I recomend product and shop Thank you very much for service.
OMG I love this stamper. It picks up beautifully and comes with a scraper that has designs on it. It picks up best if you just press gently, straight down. Don't roll. Perfect and sooooo cheap.