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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for led lamp warm white dimmable with remote control
Very fast delivery - 10 days. Bad packaging - original individual boxes are packed in plastic bag only, without any soft protection. As result - all individual boxes were damaged. I checcked bulbs - at the moment they switched on, in the future - will see...
Do not know if the bulb is actually 15W since its not written anywhere on the bulb or packaging. The smooth lighting effect needs work and jumps from color to color but overall satisfied.
This product has few quality problems. I found some dirts inside the bulb. The plastic bulb comes too loose. It can spin freely make it difficult to install at a high position.
Product is amazing , just what I expected to use it for. 4 bulbs and 2 remotes for our living room, one controller for my wife and one for me, being able to turn on and turn off each bulb from both remotes and dimming each one separately. 5 stars for this product. Product shipping took exactly 1 month since purshase until arrived to my home in Colombia country. Very well and carefully packaged and marked as fragile. Nothing was crashed , very happy with this item and excellent seller.