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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for motocross pant
Good protection against the cold however are much to short. The crotch is quite low and the legs fairly short so that when sitting on the bike the trouser legs ride up exposing the ankles to the cold. I Recommended wearing boots or buying a much larger size to make up for the short length. I am approx 175cm and 62kg and purchased a size large. Otherwise an excellent product- pity they don't come in all black.
If I went to a clothing store I could not have picked a better fitting pair of jeans. Could be worn as casual jeans around town if you leave the protective padding out. I’m very happy with my purchase.
Good quality. Overall impression is very good. Jacket has a lot of straps, you can easly adjust it to the shape of your body. Shorts (L) are bit too tight, it will be hard to wear something under them. Consider ordering bigger size than it shows in the size table. Knee protectors with adjustable straps, ok. Were too tight for my crossbones, but I've just flattened them with using something heavy and they work fine now. I was promised with some gift because of liking the shop, but nothing received tho, pitty.