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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for الفم الجهاز
Received product 10 days after ordered - which is much faster that I had expected. It was also very well packaged. And the 4 stars are for all of those reasons. For the product itself, I am not so satisfied. The harmonica seems to be nicely built. But upon first try, hole 1 and 2 have buzz noise and hole 8 and 9 are kind of stuck; they don't produce sounds immediately upon blow. I did a research and found that these problems might be associated with sticky windsavers (due to condensation of moisture overtime; but this is only upon my first try; and I actually brushed my teeth and clean my mouth before I tried it. LOL!)
I am comparing this to the Easttop Blues harmonica. Both are excellent for the price. The Konsheng Bender has no air leaks and is easy to get a good seal around for the "blues" sound (in cupped hands or with a mic). Very definite and easy draw bend as well. Easttop may be a bit louder slightly "crisper" sound.
Product arrived pretty quick and was packed with very well. Had a query about the production and got a response with in 5 minutes. Now this is excellent, you have a query and not a dispute, this is the kind of response that makes one happy customer. Thanks SevenAngels, pleasure doing business with you and will do so in future. Cheers!
It's a well packed, promptly delivered harp. The quality/price ratio is exceptionally high. It does needs to play in a bit, but cold from the packaging is plays brilliantly, with exactly the sound you would expect. If you're looking for a well priced and well playable instrument and you don't want to spend the big bugs the big brand names require (e.g. cx-12) this is the instrument to go for. Highly recommended. Many thanks to the SevenAngel Store and AliExpress, well worth your trust.