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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for raspberri pi 3b plus
I appreciate that this device was available and I could obtain it. Shipping from China is excessively long (items seem to sit forever in Shenzen - Chinese customs maybe?). I'm spoiled and unrealistic and am used to one day and two day deliveries. And I guess warehousing products in the US or Europe would add considerably to their costs.
Just done some quick tests and it seems to work realy good, works nicely with Volumio The only thing that's worrie me is that the connectors are mounted a bit weak to the board, but maybe a careful handling is the key
I've received this order/shipment today and it's not complete (1 heatsink out of 12 missing). I only needed 2 sets so no big deal, and no need to waste money sending only one little heatsink. But it's sloppy, nevertheless. Hence the neutral feedback.
A very nice and clever design. The casing has a upside trap to place the camera. This trap can be placed verticaly and the opening let place to access the gpio easily. The is a small hole so that it's possible the power and activity leds. The cas is delivered with 3 screws: 1 to fix the camera and the others to close the case. At the back side the design provide a way to simply hang the case on a wall. Really a nice product. Congratulations ! Hope this will be a success but not to much otherwise the price would go up ;-)