Because during Chinese New Year, Chinese New Year is as important as your Christmas. Please understand that. The post office is closed and all logistics are delayed, which will cause you trouble. Sorry, we will help you with shipment as soon as possible.

Shop announcement For dear old and new customers: As the Lunar New Year approaches, New Year is a traditional Chinese festival. Therefore, our company's employees (January 21-January 31, 2020) returned home to reunite with their families. Production and delivery are very slow (delivery time will be extended, everything will return to normal after January 31, 2020, work will resume after the holiday, and production and delivery will be arranged as soon as possible.) I also hope that my dear friends do not worry. Please be patient and understand. At the same time, friends who urgently need the goods please place your order carefully, thank you for your cooperation and understanding. Thank you very much for your trust and support to the store in the past year! Finally, I wish you all a Happy New Year! !! Mairuige