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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for tft monitor 800
Arrived on time, well packeged. Works very well. I bought this didplay for my drone FPV equipment to have second screen. The colours look crisper than the old display. The only downside is its size, but overall it is a pretty good product. Recommended
I have received the parcel in perfect conditions. Quick delivery. Lamentably the screen didn't work but the seller attend me continually and the end refund me the money. Good attention and good seller.
Well packaged product( Full of bubble wrap.). A little tiny scratch on the screen but I don't care. The remote control present on the picture is missing but I don't need it. I have juste tested the product on orangepi PC2, everything is working.
The monitor is working from 7.5V to 24V DC and is only consuming 1.3 Watt. The black wire is ground and the red wire is +. The blue wire i don't need but is maybe to operate a camera on remote withe a button on front of the sreen. The vertical view is 30 degrees and you need to turn the monitor slightly backwards to get a clear view. The horizontal view is very good. The design is slim and lightweight. Contrast is not very high but for indoors or a car it's good enough. I am very happy with it.