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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for إلى الفيديو
I'm very surprised that the cargo is coming so fast. The cargo arrived in 8 days. The product is quality. I am satisfied from the seller. The negative aspects of the product. 1- Very difficult to use the touchpad. you need a mouse. 2- the tripod and the cables (USB-USB / DC-USB) is too small and short.
Very happy with the packaging. Product is as described.It took some time to set up the stabilizer but after some YouTube videos, you manage to get it done. Highly Recommended +++
When I plugged-in the power adapter, there was no activity on the NVR. I tried to locate the problem and ended up identifying that the US plug power cable is faulty. After I replaced the cable with a working one, the NVR powered-up and functioned properly. Overall, it was OK for me since the NVR unit itself is functional. However, I expect that an item as simple as an AC cable should have been tested before it got shipped. I think the AC cable was just thrown-in the box without testing. I was about to ask to get the whole power supply replaced but since it's only the AC cable that's faulty, I have a lot of them that I can just swap-out.
Love the product and was recommended by a professional to get these. Was however disappointed that they wanted to charge me a TOTAL of $50 for postage as my area was considered “rural”. My house is 2 minutes out of a major suburb ! As if I wasn’t paying enough already ..?