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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for اللمس
High quality product. i make order for total of 200$ and got a free DHL Express delivery - it took only 1 week and i got my products. On top of that i got 6 extra adapters for free. VERY good seller, very good communication - highly recommended - i would buy again for sure.
I am very pleased. Arrived super fast in a very short time. Thank you very much!!! I hope it is ok but for now I have not tested it. So far I have bought several times and there was no problem.
It is very complicated to program this controller. I was able to get it working on one of my switches/dimmer, so it much be compatible. But the programming sequence is esoteric. And the instructions very brief end inacurate. How many hours will it cost to get it working? Or will it never work propperly?
The light switch was delivered very fast - in about a week. Packed very good, no damages. The seller put a nice present - screwdriver for electricity. Thank you very much to Seller!