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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for غريبة الشعر مع
I have bought from this seller before and have also recommended to friends but communication is very poor with this seller. Good quality hair though. But I think making customers feel valued is very important in business. Very pleased with my hair.
The hair is beautiful. I kept it in for 1 mth. As expected with curly hair it will tangle, but spraying it with water and conditioner is a quick fix. It looked better when worn damp. I make sure to have my spray bottle in my car or bag (lol). Dry its very very frizzy. Sheds a lot. Tangled in the back but is expected with curly hair. The closure curl pattern didn't match on top but flat twist help that. I bleach the knots. With all that said I am only giving it a 4 because it lost its softness after 2 weeks, and has a lot of shedding... got coarse which I didn't like. Even though I have all of that to say I would still recommend it for vacation. It holds up well on the beach and looks amazing when wet. I will buy again when I am going to a beach vacation only. Oh I bought 3 bundles and a closure and got an extra bundle because I wasn't sure the 3 would work. Turn out 3 bundles and closure will do the job. Fast shipping.
I just received it today I ordered it Monday so less than a week I love unice hair I always use this brand and I’m very satisfied with the product as usual
I love the hair I bleached the knots, bleached the hair and dye it red. The hair is still soft. I used the closure to make a wig with hair I already had.
The shipping was very quick to the uk it only took 3 days and the closure feels so soft and silky can’t wait to bleach the knots and construct this wig 10/10 would recommend