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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for العذراء لحمة
The shipping was fast ! The hair looks good , I will let you guys know how the hair will look and feel in 4 weeks ...from now I will just give 4 stars !!
This is one of the better hair companies I’ve ordered from! The hair was full of life and didn’t smell bad, I didn’t have all that shedding that I’ve had before from other companies AND when I dyed the hair the color turned out beautiful and I didn’t lose the loose wave texture!! I’ve had the hair for about a month now and it’s been holding up really well. I’m very impressed.I have the pictures of the hair colored w/o & w/flash. I had ordered 20,20,18,16 and a 14inch closure.
I’m never disappointed when I order from Queen Hair. The sellers always keeps in contact regarding my order and it comes fast. I ordered Friday and received it today, which is Tuesday!
The seller really wanted me to leave a review as soon as I got the hair but I decided to wait a while to give a full and honest review! First off, the hair was soft but not too soft to the point where it felt fake. Took bleach verrryy well. Shedding was very minimal to the point where I didn't even notice. The shedding may have been so little because I did not cut my wefts at all. Tangling didn't happen even when hair was dirty. I haven't washed the hair in two weeks just to see how it would hold up. It is not as soft but still feels great! I know once I wash it, it will be back to its best. I didn't put much on the hair besides heat protectant and argon I I made a wig and I only used one and a half bundles with the closure. Because the hair lengths was short I didn't need much hair. My lace is holding up pretty nice as well. I bleached and plucked it and it's not shedding at all. I love this hair and I'll be ordering again. I'll post photos later.
Hair is lovely! First time buying with Baisi hair and I’m not disappointed. Delivery was very fast very impressed. Only thing I would say is that I ended up buy another bundle separately as 3 bundles wasn’t enough but apart from this a good product/service! Already planning ordering again!